Last week the Alliant Capital Advisors team assembled at our office in Brentwood, Tennessee for an updated group photo. Looking over this new picture, I’d like to share how the Alliant team works and how each of our brokers brings their own unique resume and viewpoint to our transactions.

Alliant is the largest privately-held business brokerage in the Mid-South. We are not a franchise brokerage. Although each broker is an independent consultant, the Alliant process brings us all together as a team to serve as a resource to each other. All of our brokers meet together every Wednesday for roundtable discussions, either in person or via video conference, and we’re available to each other as needed throughout the week.

Alliant’s brokers work together to review each other’s potential new listings for correct evaluation and maximum pricing, drawing on the relevant experience of each individual broker. We discuss any unexpected problems that may have arisen in our ongoing transactions, and we brainstorm possible solutions. We share with each other any market observations, trends, as well as, any specific open buyer requests we may have. And as a team, we always celebrate and take note of each other’s successes, as well as, learn from each other’s mistakes.

We’re all better at what we do because of the valuable insights we provide to each other.

When a business owner allows Alliant to handle their exit transaction, they’re not just getting one individual broker to sell their business, they’re getting the resources of the entire Alliant team.

The Alliant Capital Advisors team experience includes:

·       Entrepreneurship/Business Ownership

·       Banking & Finance

·       Corporate Strategy

·       Retail Management

·       Food Service

·       Wholesale & Distribution

·       Manufacturing

·       Marketing & Sales

·       Healthcare & Medical Industry

·       Commercial Real Estate

·       Investments & Venture Capital

We always have someone at Alliant who has either owned, worked in, or transacted every type of business or industry that comes across our desk. If you’re a business owner and you’re interested in our team’s opinion of your likely selling price, please call me at 256-503-2806 or to get started.

All of Alliant’s consultations and evaluations are confidential, and there is no cost or commitment for our analysis.