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Magic Multiples: Insights into Business Pricing

Many optimistic business sellers research the internet for the holy grail of pricing their business. They're looking for the perfect article, youtube video, or business expert to reference a "Magic Multiple" they can use to calculate a lottery-ticket sized sale price for their business. As good as the inflated price sounds, there is no magic [...]

Should I Sell or Should I Close Now?

"If I sell there will be trouble, an' if I close it will be double." When a business owner is ready to step away from their business, there are two directions to consider when creating the exit strategy: Sell to someone to "Keep the Business Open" or "Close the Business" and break it apart to [...]

Transaction Case Study: Home Decor Retail Store

This business-for-sale was brought to Alliant Capital Advisors by a family member. The small specialty home decor retail store which had been in business for 16 years was under duress because the owner had suddenly passed away. The family was not in a position to operate the business, so a buyer needed to be found [...]

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The Business Owner’s Pitfall: Not paying rent on your debt-free building

I often consult with business owners with over 30 years of operational history. They usually own all their vehicles, equipment, inventory, and real estate completely debt-free. This is a great accomplishment, and they should be proud to have paid down their debt! Unfortunately, a side-effect of owning everything outright is that business owners often reduce [...]

Weighing in on Fitness Business

During a recent meeting, I was asked what type of business do I consult on the most. No need to reflect or hesitate for an answer, my quick response? - "Fitness businesses." In the past 18-months, I've consulted with owners and potential buyers of six fitness-related businesses in North Alabama. Of these six consultations, only [...]

The Difference is Our Team

Last week the Alliant Capital Advisors team assembled at our office in Brentwood, Tennessee for an updated group photo. Looking over this new picture, I'd like to share how the Alliant team works and how each of our brokers brings their own unique resume and viewpoint to our transactions. Alliant is the largest privately-held business [...]

A Lesson for Business Owners from Last-Minute Shoppers

With only a few days left before Christmas, my “To Do” list contains a few final unchecked items. I’m typically very good at planning, so where did all the time go? Looking back at my calendar I see that I missed a week of shopping because of sick kids. Then a there were a few [...]

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Grieving the Business Sale that Could Have Been

For me, the most difficult part of evaluating a business is meeting with an owner who has let his business "slide" for too long. I recently had such a meeting, initiated by a referral's call stating the owner is "thinking of selling". During this meeting, I noticed the owner's vivid memory of his business in [...]

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