Should I Sell or Should I Close Now?

"If I sell there will be trouble, an' if I close it will be double." When a business owner is ready to step away from their business, there are two directions to consider when creating the exit strategy: Sell to someone to "Keep the Business Open" or "Close the Business" and break it apart to [...]

The Difference is Our Team

Last week the Alliant Capital Advisors team assembled at our office in Brentwood, Tennessee for an updated group photo. Looking over this new picture, I'd like to share how the Alliant team works and how each of our brokers brings their own unique resume and viewpoint to our transactions. Alliant is the largest privately-held business [...]

Transaction Announcement: Nashville HVAC Company

Congratulations to the partner investors, Doug and David, on the purchase of this profitable HVAC company in Nashville! We still have plenty of other buyers looking for HVAC and machine servicing businesses in Alabama and Tennessee.

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